Password Security Tips


Hackers have dozens of tools at their disposal for cracking passwords. Simple passwords, such as those based on words in the dictionary, can be cracked in matter of seconds. When someone gains access to one of your passwords, he or she essentially has the same level of authority to do whatever you can do on your computer, both personally and professionally.  For instance, if you are in a work position that manages human resource data, a hacker that compromised your password would have access to that data. If your email password is compromised, he or she can potentially use that to get even deeper access into your computer, even using it to send thousands of spam emails or viruses.  Having a complex password helps ensure that your data and information remains yours.  It’s just one important tool in the toolbox of security measures you should use.

Here are a few tips for keeping your important information safe:

  1. Use a strong password and change it often – Don’t be lazy!
  2. Use complex passwords – Lower and upper case letters, numbers, symbols if allowed. At least 8 characters long.
  3. Don’t re-use passwords / Don’t use the same password for every app and site.
  4. Change passwords regularly, especially for critical sites (online banking, credit cards, etc…).
  5. Fully log out of sites and apps when you are finished using them.
  6. Don’t share your passwords with others.
  7. Don’t write your passwords down and leave them where they can be found.
  8. Don’t use Personal Identifiable Information in your password such as: Name, birthday, pet’s name, child’s name, alma mater, SSN or phone number, or a keyword related to your favorite hobby…
  9. Don’t use any word that can be found in the dictionary as your full password.
  10. Don’t use the same password for online banking that you use for social networking or email.
  11. Change your password any time after using an unsecure network – Café, McDonalds, etc…
  12. Any password that is the word ‘password’ or any morph of that word [Password, password1, Pa55w0rd, etc…] should be considered an open invitation to hackers… Same goes for 123456!

If you have any computer or network security questions, or feel as if your network or user account has been compromised, please call HiWAAY/Vertix Networks and talk with one of our engineers at 888-244-9229.  HiWAAY Information Services will never send you an email requesting your username or password information.