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Internet Telephony.

Voice-Over-IP for residential, small business or enterprise clients

HiWAAY is proud to announce our first Internet Telephony Service!

Looking to retire that old key system? Paying too much for those legacy phone systems? Adding a new location to your business? Moving homes? Want to access your telephony systems worldwide? All of these are reasons to go for an internet telephone plan with HiWAAY.

Home Phone Service

$9.95 per month with annual contract
    • Keep Your Telephone Number
    • Use Your Existing Phone
    • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling
    • Enhanced 911 Services Included
    • Also Runs From Your Smart Phone or Tablet
    • Add a Voice-over-IP Phone for $10/month

Business Phone Service

$15 per month with no annual contract
    • Keep Your Existing DIDs
    • Includes a New Voice-over-IP Phone
    • One Telephone Number Included Per Line
    • Interactive Voice Response System Included
    • Standard PBX Features Included
    • Enhanced 911 Service Included
    • Bring Your Own Phone and Take $10/month Off!

Contact HiWAAY’s Sales and Support line at (212) 796-5502 or subscribe today and get the first month of service for free.

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