Email FlashBack!

Have you ever accidentally deleted an email, or maybe several emails? After you realize that you haven’t backed up your email – EVER, did you try to call your service provider to ask if they can resend those emails? They, of course, would say “no” because they’ve already been delivered to your inbox… Panic? Well, if is your email provider there’s no need to panic! We CAN resend you those emails. Check out this new service we’re calling Email FlashBack. If you have an email address, we can “cache and retrieve” your email for up to 3 months. Just give us a call and we’ll resend one lost mail or all your received email from the time period that you choose. 14-days, 1 month, 2 month or 3 month options are available starting at less than $1/month per email account. Truly a no-brainer for the additional piece of mind it brings! Call us today and we can set you up immediately.