AnteSpam Email Security - Spam and Virus Filtering and Email Backup

Save time and money with AnteSpam Email Security! Spam and lost email cost you money. Spam clogs your email with floods of scams and inappropriate messages. It forces you to buy expensive server and bandwidth upgrades and your staff to waste valuable time sorting the junk. Accidentally deleted email means lost business, lost sales and lost opportunities.

HiWAAY's AnteSpam Email Security stops spam and email viruses before they get to your inbox. And now AnteSpam Email Security can backup your email for up to 93 days. There's no software to install. AnteSpam Email Security works with all email servers and email software. It's the most convenient, easy-to-use and low cost solution for protecting your business from spam, email viruses and lost email.

AnteSpam Email Security can be purchased in blocks starting at 25 email addresses. The 25-user block is only $13.95 per month, and up to 50 email addresses can be protected for just $26.95 per month. Additional blocks of 50 can be purchased for $18.95 per month each. There are no term commitments. AnteSpam's Email backup service is an add-on for AnteSpam Email Security. The price for email backup is based on the number of days you want to backup email and the number of AnteSpam Email Security blocks you buy.

Check for yourself! Enter the number of email addresses you want to protect in the calculator below to see your low monthly cost for email security.

AnteSpam Email Security Price Calculator
Number of Email Addresses to Protect Blocks Needed Maximum Addresses Protected Monthly Price One Time Setup Fee
*Add Email Backup for for an additional
Total Monthly:
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The total number of addresses needing protection includes both email accounts and any aliases for those accounts. For example, the account for John Doe at with the address has the alias That would be 2 addresses that need protection.

*Email Backup service is sold as an optional upgrade for AnteSpam Email Security. You must buy AnteSpam Email Security to use the Email Backup. It stores a copy of every email sent to your domain through AnteSpam for the backup period you purchased. For example, if you purchased 31 days of Email Backup service protection then every email sent to your domain through AnteSpam will be saved for 31 days. Saved Email can be easily recovered with just a web browser. No additional software, hardware or configuration is needed. It's as easy as that!

AnteSpam Email Security is a junk mail/virus filter and email backup service for a single Internet domain. It includes a web-based admin control panel and easy to use block and pass lists for your domain administrator to customize your domain-wide spam filter. Since every member of your staff needs different levels of email protection, AnteSpam Email Security also includes a User Control Panel for every email address so your staff can manage their own personal block and pass lists as well as view their caught email or recover missing email if you purchased the email backup option. This simple to use web-based system makes AnteSpam an incredible productivity tool.

AnteSpam Email Security also includes powerful subject filtering and backscatter blocking tools. And at no extra charge it allows filtering for multiple sub-domains and domain aliases.

If your email is mission critical, protect it with AnteSpam Email Security now!

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