HiWAAY: Information/Internet Services

HiWAAY IP Allocation

HiWAAY's IP allocation policy for routable Internet ("live") IP addresses is consistent with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) policy and their policy as applied to HiWAAY when HiWAAY requests additional IP space. ARIN is the national authority that is responsible for delegating IP assignments to Internet service providers.

ARIN's IP policies can be found at http://www.arin.net/policy/nrpm.html#ipv4.

HiWAAY's policy is as follows:

IP subnetworks are identified by a network number and a mask length. Click here for a table of network masks and sizes. HiWAAY's policy varies with the size of your network.

When your network has a mask length 27 and greater (30 usable addresses and smaller), IP blocks are assigned based on documented information provided by you that indicates the projected utilization of your IP block in the near future, with periodic reviews initiated by HiWAAY or yourself to ensure requirement changes are addressed appropriately.

When your network is larger with a mask length 26 and shorter (62 usable addresses and larger) HiWAAY will need more details including written documentation showing current and projected usage of the network. Unless you can document 50% utilization within 90 days with growth to 80% utilization within 1 year, we will need to allocate a more efficient size network for your use.

In all cases, HiWAAY needs your documentation within 90 days after your network connection is provisioned. This is because HiWAAY may be required to retain, update, and provide this information to ARIN at any time. If we do not receive your documentation, then HiWAAY will have to reduce the size of your IP block to one that ARIN does not require detailed justification for, i.e., a /29 block or 6 usable IPs.

HiWAAY retains the right to review and verify your documentation via DNS and other methods where applicable.

HiWAAY requests that your documentation be submitted in a plaintext format via email to snoc@hiwaay.net.

For example:


Dialup/Remote access:
IP Addresses                    Ports   Clients       30      90

Internal Devices:
IP Addresses                    Devices Purpose     14      Sensor network                20      Internal servers   74      Workstations

Hosting/External servers:
IP Addresses                    Hostname/URL                   www.acme.com                   ns1.acme.com                   ns2.acme.com                  mail.acme.com

Current utilization: 56%

All information is held in strictest confidence and, with the exception of ARIN, is never released to anyone outside of HiWAAY without appropriate legal justification.