HiWAAY: Information/Internet Services

HiWAAY's 5-Point Anti-Spam Policy

1. HiWAAY never sells your email address to anyone for any reason. That does not mean that spammers won't figure out your email address, because there are a great many ways to find valid email addresses. However, you can rest assured we never reveal your address to spammers.

2. HiWAAY maintains automated filters that attempt to block spam before it enters our systems. These filters do not operate based upon content, but rather upon objective criteria that typically characterize spam. They are not perfect, some spam does get through, but overall they allow us to reject a significant amount of spam. Our policy is proactive because our subscribers do not need to take special action to block spam, it's done automatically.

3. HiWAAY offers an optional content filter on individual mailboxes. This filter, known as AnteSpam, can sideline specific messages, which have been previously identified as spam based on the content of the message. The owner of the mailbox may view these messages seperately and choose to redirect the mail or they may choose to ignore all messages identified as spam. AnteSpam filtering may be disabled on a user selectable basis.

4. HiWAAY's email gateway cannot be used as an unwitting accomplice to propagating spam. Our SMTP gateways will not allow "relay" of email originating from outside our domain to other addresses that are also outside our domain. Thus, email transiting HiWAAY must either originate from our subscribers or be addressed to our subscribers, to pass through our system. This has had no detrimental effect on our services to our subscribers, but does help protect our resources from being used to broadcast spam to the Internet.

5. HiWAAY has a near "zero tolerance" for spam originating from our domain, terminating the account of any subscriber who creates outbound spam using our resources. Our Terms & Conditions do not allow our subscribers to issue spam from our domain. Spam originating from HiWAAY is especially troublesome. It can result in other Internet domains or backbones blocking the HiWAAY domain from access to their systems if we do not take actions to prevent spam from entering their systems. On average, HiWAAY terminates the account of one or two subscribers every month for originating spam from within our domain.

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