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Various setups ranging from adding your dial up connection to setting up your various programs.

Question: How do I configure the Unix Shell for connecting to HiWAAY?


Every HiWAAY Regular and Premium account includes access to a Unix shell. Experienced users often prefer the speed and brevity of the shell user interface and the email (pine), web browser (lynx) and news reader (tin) applications we provide from the shell. One nice feature is that they can be accessed with almost any terminal emulation dialup software available, such as Procomm or Microphone. Make sure your software is configured to emulate a VT-100 (or higher VT-102, VT-220, etc.) terminal and set communications parameters for 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and any desired baud rate. Dial the appropriate local access number for your location. You will be connected to our communications server and NOT our shell server. Our communications equipment routes you directly to the Internet, bypassing our shell server. Thus, the login will require several steps to connect to our shell server. After the modems CONNECT, a login to your shell account looks similar to this (we used the account "lab2" for this example):

The HiWAAY> prompt from our communications server has only two important commands for terminal emulation: Telnet and Hangup. It is NOT your shell account and your familiar shell commands will not work at this command prompt. If you type telnet fly or telnet fly.HiWAAY.net you will establish a Telnet session directly to the HiWAAY shell server. You should login again to your shell account with the same loginid and password you used to connect to HiWAAY initially. You will receive a simple shell based menu which you may exit to a shell command prompt if you wish. Note that you can Telnet to ANY computer, not just our shell server, from the HiWAAY> prompt.

When you want to exit your Telnet session and hangup your connection from Fly (HiWAAY's shell server) all you have to do is select item "8" from the above menu to exit your Telnet session. This returns you to HiWAAY's communications server prompt, type hangup to close the connection. A common question when using terminal emulation packages is "Why doesn't my backspace key work?" The VT-100 terminal user interface relies upon the "delete" key to delete (i.e. rub-out), not the backspace key. If you wish, many such packages allow the delete character to be remapped to the more convenient backspace key. Note: These instructions can also be used to Telnet during a PPP dialup session. The difference is that you will only have enter your loginID and password once using a Telnet client.

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